20 years later…and oh what a journey!

This blog is brought to you by Julie Rusciolelli, President of MAVERICK Inc.

It’s been two decades since we opened our doors at MAVERICK Public Relations and the journey still continues today.

Our first office was along the Bloor “mink mile” and was a place we called our office for four years. Then in 2003, we purchased one of the most historic homes in Toronto and made it our MAVERICK mansion. 

A place that has truly become our home away from home.   

As I reflect upon the last 20 years one thing has remained a constant, we have stayed a small business.  There is great honour, pride and fearlessness when it comes to navigating the world of global competitors and hardened economic times to stay relevant, enduring and yes, profitable.  We’re a small communications firm, but our clients see us as anything but small.  And that’s been the greatest joy of working at MAVERICK. Our clients and our team working in true partnership for a greater good.

Since 1999 we’ve worked with hundreds of brands, from emerging technology companies to the latest in food and beauty trends.  From big banking to scrappy start ups, we’ve seen it all … well, almost. 

We’ve worked closely with visionary leaders to courageous marketers who allowed us to take risks and seize unique opportunities. We’ve been part of the digital revolution while maintaining the fine art and elegance of producing compelling earned media.

We’ve seen the best and worst of the world.  We cried and held each other close after 9/11, we climbed back after two dreadful recessions and basked in the glory of Canada turning 150, a nation under a blanket of true north pride.  Most of all I am grateful to all the mavericks who I’ve had the pleasure of working with these past 20 years.  You have been passionate crusaders of truth and creative storytelling and I’ve been so lucky to have known you all. 

I’m not sure what the next 20 years will bring, but one thing is for sure – we are staying unabashedly nimble, unapologetically creative and resiliently small.

We are MAVERICK, 20 years and counting …

Julie RusciolelliComment