National Access Cannabis


With the legalization of recreational cannabis on the horizon, National Access Cannabis, a small medical clinic business was set to grow in leaps and bounds in a retail market which was a veritable wild west.


Given each province had a new and unique regulatory framework, the industry for recreational cannabis and all the communications required skillful navigation. In this emerging space, one major challenge was the over-saturation of brands fighting for share of voice.


Ensuring great coverage amid a distracted media landscape is what MAVERICK does best. Earned media is in our blood and is the hallmark of our very existence.

To achieve this, we told a series of interconnected and interwoven stories with simplicity and elegance, including the company’s IR story and its work with all levels of government regarding licenses and openings as well as with First Nations partners.

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NAC has steadily become part of the cannabis narrative across Canada. MAVERICK and NAC have become the media’s go-to sources for industry updates and recreational, pharmaceutical and medical cannabis.

NAC was regularly a “small cap stock to watch” and a mainstay in cannabis business circles.

Together, we generated more than 1,600 stories and over 900 million media impressions.

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“With the end to prohibition, 2018 was a wild year in cannabis and MAVERICK truly nailed it for NAC – both from a retail and pharmaceutical perspective. MAVERICK was a vital part of our DNA as we went from startup, to scale up, to being the bona fide leader in this complex, emerging market. Well done!”

- Matt Ryan, Vice President of Marketing, National Access Cannabis