Tomatoes: Nonnas Know Best


A family-owned company that is proud of its heritage, Mutti embodies the values that helped them become the most beloved tomato brand in Italy. And there is something to be said about learning family secrets for success and tricks of the trade.

To highlight the traditions in a family-owned organization, Mutti tasked MAVERICK with introducing the brand’s tomato products in Canada through a media event.


Understanding the importance of family values, MAVERICK knew it was essential to evoke a traditional family theme into the media event. Lucky for Mutti, nonnas were very much on trend at the time. MAVERICK identified this as an opportunity to communicate key brand messages in a fun and engaging way. The media event featured nonnas doing what they traditionally do best: cooking. Pairing this aspect along with highlighting the versatility of Mutti’s tomato products gave media guests the full out Italian cooking experience.

Mutti Media Launch 21.jpg
Mutti Media Launch 54.jpg
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MAVERICK coordinated a media drop featuring a creative postcard from ‘Nonna’, along with Mutti’s signature tomato paste, to key food and lifestyle media. Media were invited to enjoy a four-course lunch with wine pairings at Dish Cooking Studio in Toronto, where they learned about Mutti’s history from Francesco Mutti and indulged in innovative culinary tastings by Mutti’s head chef, Carlo Casoni.

Additionally, attendees got hands-on by pairing up with a nonna to make fresh pasta for the pasta dish – a hit with all those who attended. This portion of the event garnered the most social media impressions using the event hashtag, #NonnaLovesMutti. A photographer caught candid photos of the activity to be shared with media post-event.


The event generated 10 unique media stories and more than 15.6 million impressions. The #NonnaLovesMutti hashtag received more than 316.7K social media impressions and Mutti was mentioned 97 times. Media had a fantastic time interacting with Chef Casoni and the nonnas. The launch event was a great opportunity for the brand to engage with Canadian media firsthand, introducing them to the superb quality of Mutti’s tomato products.