Puts Best Foot Forward with Guinness World Records Title for Most Pedicures Given in 8 Hours by a Team



Amopé, RB Canada’s newest brand and a world leader in foot care, launched the Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File in late 2014, experiencing incredible and success within the first year. The Pedi Perfect is a battery operated handheld device designed to gently buff away hard skin for perfectly smooth feet.

Amopé wanted to engage with consumers and drive trial to ensure Amopé is top of mind at point of purchase, further increasing sales and positioning Amopé as the #1 contender within the category.


MAVERICK developed a unique program, working with Guinness World Records to create a brand new category, in an attempt at the title for Most Pedicures Given in 8 Hours by a Team. Sarah Rafferty, star of Suits, was engaged to kick-off the event as a special celebrity guest.

Summer is a special time for Canadians, who want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors. To tie in the Guinness Record attempt with a summer theme, 

MAVERICK created the Amopé Pedi Park, taking over Yonge Dundas Square by recreating a Canadian cottage setting.

A custom designed outdoor oasis was built, complete with signature cedar decks and Muskoka chairs, transporting visitors to cottage country in the heart of the city.



Torontonians were invited to receive a free pedicure, as part of Amopé’s attempt at setting a Guinness World Records title. Guests received a speedy pedicure, lasting roughly 8-10 minutes, which included use of the Pedi Perfect. This guaranteed trial of the product for at least 1,000 people (the numerical goal established by Guinness) showcasing Pedi Perfect as THE best beauty product for soft, beautiful feet during the summer and throughout the year.



Amopé successfully completed 1,083 pedicures, maintaining a steady line-up throughout the day with guests waiting an average 30 to 45 minutes.

The brand had a top trending Twitter hashtag (#PediPark), approximately 330,000 impressions on Twitter during the event, over 100 mentions on Instagram and an engagement rate of over 25% on Facebook.

The weather was the biggest challenge of the day, which makes the accomplishment even greater. Threats of severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning didn’t deter the long line that continued to build throughout the event. Despite two torrential downpours, including power loss for over 30 minutes, the event prevailed.  

Natasha Qureshi, marketing director, health and personal care at RB Canada says the record-breaking attempt attracted people from investment bankers to shoppers and students. “Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than their everyday routine. It gave people the option to be part of setting a world record.”

Qureshi says new there are plans to break the pedicure record in another city next year.

All PR, media relations, event management and talent management were handled by MAVERICK.