American Standard

Social Media Engagement Soars when Fans Sing Along


American Standard, a tried and trusted brand for over 150 years, has not rested on their laurels as of late. They launched their LYRIC Musical Showerhead, which includes a Bluetooth speaker around the outer rim of the showerhead, into the Canadian market this year making it available for purchase online. This cool, fun and functional product is not only refreshing to consumers (literally), but also to the brand’s product line up.
In order to loop in the younger demographic without alienating current clients, MAVERICK helped American Standard develop a social media campaign to drive high engagement while informing consumers on this stylish and innovative offering.



A product solely available online creates the perfect opportunity for a campaign that strictly lives online. Based on previous campaigns, MAVERICK knew that American Standard’s fan base engages well with product posts and simple calls-to-action for giveaways. With this willing audience, MAVERICK had the opportunity to jazz up the simple call-to-action, build product awareness and drive to the retailer’s site.



Music has an obvious place in the washroom. Tiles create the perfect acoustic scenario for anyone to believe they sound like their vocal heroes, be it Pavarotti or Beyonce. This association was MAVERICK’s jumping off point for an engaging campaign.

#FillinTheLyric asked American Standard Canada’s Facebook and Twitter followers to fill in the missing word of a popular song lyric posted that day. Fans had 12 hours to comment with the missing word on Facebook and 12 hours to reply via Twitter with the missing word and campaign hashtag as their entry. American Standard posted six lyrics in total, encouraging fans to enter each time for a chance to win a LYRIC Musical Showerhead.

Campaign creative included the song lyric and image of the LYRIC showerhead while the simple call-to-action encouraged fans to play the game rather than simply comment to enter.


Between Facebook and Twitter the campaign received 1,042 total entries total and the posts garnered engagement rates of 15% on Facebook and 5% on Twitter – well above industry standards.  

Fans were not only entering, they were also liking and sharing the content on Facebook which was not required for entry. The 737 likes and 200 shares on the six contest posts helped to more than double the American Standard Canada’s Facebook organic reach from the month prior. The six posts of the campaign alone garnered a reach of 12,788 without any paid promotion. (Facebook prohibits promotion of posts with a call-to-action.)
Many fans were also singing our praises (pun intended), expressing their love for a particular song or complimenting the contest itself.