Happy Thanksgiving from MAVERICK

This blog is brought to you by Terance Brouse, Vice President, Client Services, MAVERICK Inc.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

That quote from F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby conjures up a feeling I always get right in the gut around Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. In fall we celebrate new beginnings – children have returned to school, new projects are being launched, and even the most mundane tasks take on a fresh view.

As we tumble headlong past the September Equinox, into the heart of Autumn, there is a palpable pause at Thanksgiving weekend. The changing leaves and the still-warm breeze cause a small ache of recollection of times past.

The sky is about to become a towering canopy of colour, embellished on the canvas of Toronto’s 10.2 million trees. Closer to Halloween, the crisp winds will pick up and blow those leaves through the street and settle them in messy piles.


There is also the looming exhilarating (or in some people’s cases dread) that within a mere four fortnights (or about two months) the mercury will start to drop, and winter weather conditions will be in full force.


MAVERICK’s newest client, Credit Canada, started the chill early with a September campaign all about that archetypal Canadian pastime – snow. Specifically, the snowball vs avalanche approach toward debt repayment.

Credit Canada’s CEO, Laurie Campbell and her team shared consumer insights in a series of interviews and articles as part of the company’s sophomore PR campaign with MAVERICK. (In case you’re wondering, the snowball method attacks the smallest debt first regardless of the interest rate, while the avalanche involves paying down debt with the highest interest rate first.)

The campaign was a resounding success and provided a segue into winter with the frostiest of Canadian tropes.

Welcome aboard Credit Canada. What a great story you have.  Click here to read Laurie’s article in the Financial Post and decide if you are a snowball or avalanche. Or try out the snowball avalanche debt calculator here.

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