Rebels, Warriors, Individualists and Optimists.

We are MAVERICK. Oh ya, we kick-ass, too!

Since 1999, MAVERICK has been at the vanguard of technology PR, telling stories of the world’s smartest and most innovative companies from emerging startups, to established enterprise brands.

MAVERICK even has its own unique, founder’s story. Launching at the height of the dotcom era, we became a trusted partner to many tech entrepreneurs, VCs, visionaries and dreamers.

We were known as the “napkin to launch” agency, working directly with CEOs to launch emerging brands in a marketplace teeming with activity. To this day, we still work closely with founders, craft their messages, supercharge their stories and navigate the digital map. 

From our scrappy beginnings through two decades to the present day we have an indelible perspective. We continue to wow clients with a unique swagger that is as fresh as day one.