Our team of rockstars,
rebels and raconteurs

"You can go fast by yourself, but you can go farther with a team."

Julie Rusciolelli, President

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"On Time + On Target + On Budget = Stellar Results"

Gerry Riddell, Chief Financial Officer

"Every experience is an opportunity to learn, create and innovate. I love watching for industry trends, which often leads to collaborating on fresh ideas and staying ahead of the curve in our rapidly evolving business."

Micha Goddard, Vice President, Integrated Consumer Marketing

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"Trust is the foundation of every successful client/agency relationship. It needs to be earned, nurtured, and respected."

Colin Nekolaichuk, Account Director

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"The ability to connect with clients and teammates on a personal level helps to establish strong, lifelong business relationships."

Julia Des Islets, Account Supervisor

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"An effective message is 20% eloquence and 80% research. Understand your audience before writing anything down."

Stephanie Turner, Account Manager

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"A PR ace knows how to communicate with their subject matter. Whether it’s IT implementations or mergers and acquisitions, breakdown the complexity and present it in an appealing, digestible way."

Jenny Cade, Account Manager

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“Think of pitching a story as an opportunity to make a new connection. The more effort and care you put in, the more rewarding the relationship will be.”

Annabel Lee, Account Manager

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“No idea is too small or too big to be explored. Sometimes the simplest suggestion can be the catalyst to producing something amazing for a client. Find your voice and don’t be afraid to use it!”

Aashti Vijh, Account Executive

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"Something as simple as paying positive attention to people can greatly increase productivity, fulfilment and satisfaction. In turn satisfied employees mean satisfied clients, which leads to profitability."

Anne Mullen, Office Manager