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Lyndsay Wallis

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Let’s add more to Fakebook’s misery…

Folks, Facebook has caught itself amid another public scandal. And yet again, an issue about security and protecting user data. Facebook announced today it discovered a security issue affecting about 50 million user accounts, though no news on who or where. Attackers stole Facebook access tokens through the “view as” feature (which lets users see their profile as it appears to other users), which they could then use to take over people’s accounts. It’s clear Facebook has evolved its PR crisis communication skills from it’s previous deny/deflect strategy. But how they handle the onslaught of criticism will be interesting to watch…

See It, Snap It, Buy It?

Just when you thought Snapchat was on its way out, it elbows its way back into the game, with help from a little-known retailer Amazon.

The two are working together on a new product where users can scan an object or barcode with Snapchat, then see an Amazon card with the scanned product’s title, price, thumbnail image and reviews, and click to get a link to Amazon to buy. This feels like a clear win for both sides, and a way for Snapchat to gain back relevance after it started losing users. It also represents competition to Instagram and Pinterest, which have their own channel for users to buy directly from their platforms. So join me as I say, may the best BigTech win!

(Source: TechCrunch)

Aunt Facebook: Meet your Match Maker

Every week it feels like there’s a new dating app – for farmers, animal lovers, you name it. And we know Facebook has had some skin in the dating game for some time. Now, the pilot begins in Colombia. Users aged 18 and older can create dating profiles and, once there is a significant community to choose from, find matches. This is being hailed as the anti-Tinder/hookup dating platform. And like the Snapchat/Amazon deal, this is likely a way to gain back relevance after Facebook users have been on the decline. There’s also the bonus that many people already have the Facebook app (no one wants to download another app if they can avoid it). Facebook has so much information about its users – they know your music, politics, interests – meaning they have a good chance of being the most effective matchmaker out there. So…anybody out there looking to fall in love?


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