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Dana Sharman

This blog post is brought to you by Sarah Soteroff, Account Manager, MAVERICK.

It’s listicle season again! As summer begins so too do the recommendations on best summer books, best binge-worthy TV shows, best movies you may have missed, and recently: best podcasts!

MAVERICK has podcast fever. Not a day goes by that we’re not suggesting, requesting, or arguing about what we’re listening to. Pods have replaced music in our earbuds, which never leave our ears, and recommending newer and better pods has become a point of pride.

We’ve culled together the strongest recommendations, and a few wild cards that we’re proud to recommend as our favourite podcasts of the season.

Even the most a-political person in our current media climate will admit that she can’t escape the headlines. Are you drowning in news? Are you struggling to stay on top of the constant changes? Let us help you:

For the everyday news junkie:

We’re PR pros (blush), but we’re always learning and seeking to learn. We don’t just excel at PR, we also love PR, the strategy, the storytelling, the problem solving. Sometimes you want to escape into a story that takes you fully away from your life, but sometimes you want to dive deeper into your profession. Here are the shows we’re listening to lately that help us do our jobs better:

And, finally, those that we cannot categorize, but cannot stop downloading:

Happy listening. Let us know what you’re pumping through your headphones by commenting @ us to @MAVERICK_POV!

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