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Hi, and happy Friday the 13th 👻 Here are our hottest recommendations from this week in the internet.

This week, April 10th to be exact, we celebrated Equal Pay Day 2018. What does this mean? It means we’ve finally reached the point in 2018 where Canadian women stop working for free, on average, to match what Canadian men earned in 2017. That’s right, four months and ten days into the year. While this gap is getting smaller and increased awareness continues to help working women make strides in the fight for income equality, it is important to remember that the gap persists and is even greater for minority women across North America. Not all disparities can be solved overnight, but we’re working on it. If they’re taking recommendations for the soundtrack to the revolution I have a nomination.

Last week we fist pumped our way into the weekend in celebration of the return of Jersey Shore. This week in reboot news the trailer for former Laguna Beach and The Hills villain, Kristin Cavillari’s new show dropped. E! obviously knows we’re suckers for a behind the scenes ‘reality show’ of a person who has basically tracked every one of her adult moves on the internet, what more can there be to see? Who am I fooling, of course I’ll tune in, if only for the Jay Culter cameos.

You know those shows you can watch and re-watch on repeat, even though you know every line and every joke? If you’re a baby of the 80s those shows are probably Friends and The Office (American, sorry Brits.) It turns out, we’re not alone. When you fire up your Netflix machine tonight, why not re-watch the greatest episode of The Office, ‘The Dinner Party,’ immortalized in this oral history with the cast and writers.

We’re proud to announce the first installment of the MAV Book Club! This month we’re collectively reading (or re-reading) Emma Cline’s The Girls. We welcome recommendations, feedback, comments on our selections and active participation online. Follow our twitter if you’re reading along and watch this space for an announcement of the next page-turner we’ve selected.

Happy reading, happy weekending!

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