This Week in Digital – 02/02/18

February 2, 2018     Digital News   MAVERICK


Brought to you by Dana Sharman, Account Coordinator and a member of the MAVERICK Digital Team. “This Week in Digital” is a review of what caught our attention.

Facebook announces change in algorithm

Facebook has never been one to shy away from shaking things up and they have done it once again with their latest news feed algorithm change, which will prioritize content from friends, family and groups.

While many businesses dislike the new update, claiming Mark Zuckerburg should expect to see a decline in his net worth, one thing became clear: it may not be good for businesses but it’s a huge advantage for influencers.

The shift away from traditional media to influencers will continue to grow. With less material from businesses, brands and media outlets in the news feed, there will be a rise in Social Influencer content. With this shift brands need to continue working with influencers in more organic and authentic ways to effectively engage with consumers.

Source: Pixabay

Apple halts production of the iPhone X

A first for the tech giant, Apple will dramatically decrease the production of their recently dropped iPhone X device. Despite being the most advanced model to date, production has been slashed from 40 million in half to 20 million.

Lack of consumer interest can be attributed to two things. The most obvious is the price. At an all-time high for the brand, the iPhone X is on the market at a base price of $1,319 CAD and it appears Canadians are not prepared to spend such a high price for their mobile device.

Another prominent factor could be that Samsung is the device’s exclusive supplier for its OLED displays and phone’s memory chip. This means that for every iPhone X sold, Samsung receives approximately $110.

Despite the phone’s less than impressive sales, many believe the advancements made in this update are here to stay, such as the new facial recognition feature.

Source: Mashable

Three new Mac computers to launch

Not letting the disappointment of the iPhone X stop them, Apple continues to explore technological innovation as they work on the creation of three new Macs to be released in 2018.

What will this year’s updates be? While most computers come with only a single processor (CPU), the new Apple laptops will have a co-processor. The processor is the brain which controls all parts of the computer and its instructions. A single processor means a single point of attack. What the co-processor will allow for is higher security providing you with further protection against hackers. And an additional benefit, which I’m sure all MacBook users will enjoy, is the promise of longer battery life. What more could you ask for?

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