This Week in Digital – 07/14/17

July 14, 2017     Digital News   Social Media


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This Week in Digital is a weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Lyndsay Wallis, Account Coordinator and a member of the MAVERICK Digital Team.

LinkedIn has been busy this year, rolling out platform updates and new features. New this week, users will now have the ability to natively upload video and obtain viewership stats. More additions include a Daily Rundown notification and Search Appearances, that show users how many people found their profiles via LinkedIn search. LinkedIn also introduced new settings to give users added control over their notifications. Yes –  that means you can finally opt out of birthday notifications, unfollow a thread you once commented on, and mute posts from an annoying ex-coworker. Not to be missed, Twitter also introduced several filters to help users to control their notifications.

Source: Global Look Press

Ads, ads, everywhere! Facebook rolled out advertisements in Messenger’s mobile app to businesses of all sizes. Before this announcement, marketers could only run advertising on Facebook’s main app, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network (a group of third-party sites and apps). But consumers beware, don’t be fooled by imposters like these Instagram counterfeit ads!

Source: TechCrunch

Have you ever wanted to watch cat videos with your long-distance BFF? Now you can with Uptime from YouTube! Uptime lets users watch, react, and comment on videos with friends. Inspired by live streaming video services such as Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, Uptime is a more interactive and social way to watch YouTube.

Source: Reddit

At MAVERICK, we love a good meme. This week we’d like to share a special behind the meme moment with Hide the Pain Harold. An unsuspecting Hungarian stock photo model turned worldwide internet celebrity.

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