This Week in Digital – 05/19/17

May 19, 2017     MAVERICK

Annabel Lee

This Week in Digital” is a weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Annabel Lee, Account Manager and member of the MAVERICK Digital Team.

Can you believe buying followers is still a thing? Though influencer marketing continues to be a forefront in brand strategies nowadays, it’s important to stay savvy and alert. Brands often determine the value of a social talent based on follower count, which makes buying followers a common practice. So how do we tell the authentic ones from the fakes? Digiday has this handy guide.

Hands up if you’ve been a victim of clickbait headlines. This week, Facebook continues to crack down on low-quality content and misleading stories. The company is making three new updates so users will see even fewer spammy articles on their Newfeeds. Thank you, Facebook.

As a long-time Android advocate (because Google is God), the one thing that always bothered me were the blob-shaped emojis. Thankfully the gods have answered my prayers and the new Google OS, Android O, will have a revamped emoji style. Crucial for my Insta stories aesthetic.

Summer is finally here and while we’re planning our patio dates and weekend getaways, Pinterest has put together a summer pitch deck for brands. Advertising on Pinterest has never been as straightforward as other social platforms, but the site yields a lot of data on how users are designing their lives and what they want to shop for, which brands will now be able to leverage. Weddings is the obvious category winner on Pinterest and the site has detected a trend in “mini-moons” and “printed dresses.” Where are you going for your mini-moon?

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