This Week in Digital – 04/07/17

April 7, 2017     Digital News   Social Media


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This Week in Digital” is a weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Hailey MacKinnon, Account Coordinator and a member of the MAVERICK Digital Team.

Throwing out Twitter’s ‘bad eggs’: Attention citizens of Twitter-universe! It’s time to say goodbye to the infamous ‘Twitter egg’ — the default image that appears when a user has not yet uploaded a photo. (Ever wonder why it was an egg in the first place? Apparently, it was meant to symbolize an unborn bird, ready to hatch and share its first tweets). Last Friday, Twitter announced it was switching to a grey, gender-ambiguous silhouette. Interestingly, the company stated this is an attempt to break away from Twitter trolls, who often used the egg to hide their identity and gave the avatar a bad rep. Now, Twitter is hoping the new photo will feel like an empty slate, which will inspire users to upload their own photo. So tweet away, young newly-hatched silhouettes!

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The Real Cost of Free Wi-Fi:  Did you know when you use a business’ free Wi-Fi, you could be unknowingly providing them with useful marketing data? On Tuesday, Yelp announced it was acquiring a Toronto-based company, Turnstyle Analytics, in order to expand its business marketing services. With Turnstyle, businesses implement a free Wi-Fi system that requires users to provide their email address in return. This allows the company to gain insights into consumer behaviour, such as frequency of visits, customer loyalty, shopping duration as well as contact visitors in the future. Yelp has noted this software is especially valuable since free Wi-Fi has proven to increase foot traffic, time spent in the designated area, and sales. This isn’t surprising — who isn’t lured into a store to save on some of their monthly data? Sadly for us, however, it seems free Wi-Fi may have a cost after all.

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Facebook tackles Revenge Porn: The internet can be a scary place for many reasons – one of which is if your most personal content gets released without your permission. To fight this, Facebook has implemented a new feature to prevent the spread of ‘revenge porn’. Facebook is now using photo-matching technology to tell if a user is trying to upload a photo that had previously been flagged as revenge porn and then prevents the photo from being re-shared on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. While trolls will always be trolls, we still say well done to Facebook for making the internet a safer place.

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Branching out (but not too far): Speaking of Facebook, everyone was talking about the launch of Facebook “Stories”, but what you may have missed is the launch of Facebook… rocket ships? The new icon that showed up at the bottom of some users’ pages is an ongoing experiment conducted by the social media company. It allows users to access alternate content on their newsfeed – for example, music from a band they have not yet discovered according to their ‘Liked’ pages. The good news? We’ll be able to find relevant pages, people and stories that match our interests. The bad? More opportunity to procrastinate on social media…They know us too well! Sounds like our digital bubbles won’t be popped anytime soon…

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