This Week in Digital – 01/20/17

January 20, 2017     MAVERICK


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This Week in Digital is a (mostly) bi-weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Lauren Segal, Community Manager at MAVERICK.

If you’re about to give up on Pinterest, don’t! The market for social media apps is so saturated that it’s hard to stand out to consumers, but not on Pinterest. Users don’t hold back when it comes to pinning and saving posts about fitness, bridal and meal prep, which means #goals for brands in these industries. So why should your brand be on Pinterest? To start, 3/4 of users have purchased a product because of the platform. Given the nature of the platform, 80% of content are re-pins – meaning users are sharing content and spreading their interests amongst their social circle.  For brands in the food industry, it’s a no-brainer, as food is consistently ranked one of the top-searched categories on the platform.  If you were on the fence before, know that a user who clicks through on Pinterest is 4.5x more likely to sign up and 7x more likely to convert. Can’t argue with stats like that. Like that saying goes, keep calm and pin on! That’s a saying, right?


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Move over Siri, there’s a new girl in town and she can order food directly to your fridge! Yep, you read correctly. Meet Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence based, voice-activated personal assistant. Through voice activation, Alexa is programmed to make purchases online. This program is not limited to home products but also extends to your car as well. Will Alexa change the way consumers shop? She sure hopes so! Customers can avoid going to the store and instead, have Alexa reorder the same brands and products previously purchased. Some marketers may see Alexa as a threat to sales, branding and advertising and automatic ordering makes it harder for marketers to convince customers to think about their options and try something new. A potential feature, which would include promotions and coupons for the latest products, may help, but brands will have to get creative to get on consumers’ radar and into their homes!

YouTube Essie

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We’re all guilty of skipping ads onYouTube, but Google is putting an end to that by matching quality influencers with brands to create relevant video content. Their recent marketing initiative, YouTube Labs is aiming to help brands and their agencies create episode-like content, to build and reach audiences. While third party influencer marketing corporations typically forge such relationships, YouTube Labs is an experimental project for the company, who is looking to take the brand and influencer relations business into their own hands. Recently, the YouTube lab program focused on helping major companies like L’Oreal with their Essie brand to create episodic video content. Although Google doesn’t pocket any fees from coordinating these partnerships, they benefit from paid ad revenue produced by the videos on YouTube.

Instagram stories ad

Photo Source: TechCrunch

Soon major brands will be able to include their 5 to 15-second skippable video ads on Instagram stories. Hmm, sounds familiar, didn’t another app do this first? Instagram wants to monetize their 150 million daily user audience and there’s no better way to do it than with seamless and clever transitional ads. According to Techcrunch, 70% of users currently follow brands and businesses, and 33% of Instagram’s most watched stories were created by corporations. Both Instagram and businesses see a potential for serious financial gain. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram users will only see sponsored ads after watching multiple friends’ stories and will be able to skip the ad by swiping to the next story. Get ready to see more promotional ads in your Instagram stories.

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