This Week in Digital – 12/23/16

December 23, 2016     MAVERICK


This Week in Digital is a (mostly) bi-weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Julia Des Islets, Account Supervisor of the consumer team at MAVERICK.

It’s one thing to have a solid social media plan, but if you’re unable to connect with your fans, you might as well shut it down. Sprout Social reveals their tried and tested tips on how brands can build and maintain lasting relationships with their social community:

  1. Perfect your Content – consumers appreciate content that is humanized, created with character, personality and entertainment value. They also value content that is relevant to their interests, so get to know your audience and tailor your content buckets accordingly.
  2. Be Responsive – the best thing about social media is the ability to provide fast and effective customer service. Fans can receive a reply to their inquiries almost immediately, without going through the hassle of email or call waiting times. Responding quickly and consistently will help solidify consumer relations.
  3. Go the Extra Mile – Creating a memorable experience for customers will have a lasting effect, and can result in social engagement. Go beyond typical brand expectations.
  4. Engage – stay top of mind with your social community and those you want to build brand awareness with by engaging with them: ‘like’ or share posts, mention fans, influencers, potential customers in your content, or send a message.
  5. Exceed Expectations – show your social community you appreciate them. Mention top fans in a post, or reward them with a gift to say ‘thank you’.


Photo Credit: TechCrunch

There seems to be a common theme in social media innovation at the moment: Imitation. Twitter has announced that users can now record live videos on the platform’s mobile app (sound familiar?). The launch stems from the acquisition of Periscope in early 2015. While filming live video, the users’ followers can engage by commenting or liking it. Twitter live videos deliver an enormous opportunity for brands and media to create stimulating content, now with a greater visual element for added value.


Photo Credit: AdWeek

Bloggers and influencers get a lot of flak for making a living off their digital content, but the numbers don’t lie. According to a survey by Bloglovin, more than 50% of women have made a purchase stemming from influencer content.

So where does social fit in here? Understanding which platforms perform best for sponsored content is important when collaborating with an influencer to ensure your client gets the most bang for their buck. According to the Bloglovin survey, 60% of influencers feel Instagram is the best way to engage with their audience, followed by Facebook. Other factors to consider when sourcing potential partners is their content quality. Things to watch for include authenticity, consistency in posting and subject matter, and subdued branding.


Calling all emoji lovers! Looks like we’ve been really good girls and boys this year because Apple has added a sleigh full of new emoji options with their iOS 10.2 update. The emoji rollout also includes a complete redesign of all existing emoji’s, which are now more realistic looking. I’m not sure why anyone would need to use a ‘man in business suit levitating’ emoji, but I assure you, I’ll find a reason.


Photo Credit: Facebook

With so many young people now tapped into social media, Facebook is taking action to provide parents with safety guidelines that will help navigate first time Facebook users (ie. minors) through safe social media use. The new offer is called the ‘parent portal’ and includes a range of information, from learning how to register on Facebook, to blocking and reporting content. The launch also provides tips to help parents understand online safety, with a how-to section on introducing kids to social media.

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