This Week in Digital – 12/08/16

December 8, 2016     Digital News   Social Media


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This Week in Digital is a (mostly) bi-weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Lauren Segal, Community Manager of the MAVERICK Digital Team.

Is this real life? Magic Leap, a US startup tech company, has developed a virtual retinal display that superimposes  3D computer-generated imagery over real objects. The technology uses a special headset that can make a display appear anywhere, at any size. Kinda cool or sorta scary? Either way, we imagine brands will be jumping all over this technology as soon as it becomes available. Don’t confuse the Oculus VR headsets you see on the market with Magic Leap because it isn’t just a highly-advanced presentation of reality, “it’s a disruption machine.” Get ready for a magic leap into the future of digital.


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Don’t forget to update your phone soon or you’ll be missing out on all the live action! Instagram recently rolled out two updates: live video stories and the option to direct message friends through a short-lived video. Like Snapchat, live video on Instagram Stories can help you connect with your friends and followers. Once you send your live story, it vanishes forever. As the saying goes…imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This new feature will be launching worldwide over the next few weeks.


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Twitter recently announced that they will be regulating tweets that are connected to “hate attacks or hate speech.” Users now have the option to block phrases, words, and other users or conversations from showing up on their feed. This in addition to the report button was added this year, allowing users to flag content for Twitter to review and remove if needed. Way to go Twitter!


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Smartphone consumers are becoming creatures of habit when it comes to their apps. According to a new report from Adobe, “app abandonment” is on the rise with 20% of downloaded apps being used only once. It seems consumers don’t branch out and are deleting apps that aren’t valuable to them. New app installs are up as little as 6% yearly, whereas use of existing apps has grown by 24%. Perhaps users don’t want impractical apps taking up space and wasting data on their smartphones. Unfortunately for developers, game apps have the shortest lifespan and are deleted regularly. Not surprisingly, financial services, travel, shopping, automotive and media apps are downloaded and used the most. When it comes to app development, one thing remains clear: consumers want apps that are continually useful.


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Check out Bizly, a startup company trying to make it easier to book meetings on-the-go. The difference between Bizly and other office space Airbnb-esque startups is that they target five-star luxury hotel boardrooms at a reduced price. The process to book a hotel conference room is very tedious, but Bizly’s seamless app eliminates that hassle. Currently available on iOS in Chicago, San Francisco and New York, Bizly is partnered with over 100 hotel properties and has an Android app in the works. When Bizly heads north, I’m booking a meeting at the Shangri-La! #WorkGoals


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Remember that time you wanted one of Kanye’s tweets temporarily tattooed on your arm? Yeah, me neither. But if you change your mind, Twitter Tats is your go-to company that turns tweets from celebrities, like Drake and the Kardashians, into temporary tattoos. Each package comes with five tattoos for $9.99. Although this could be a good stocking stuffer, I think I’ll pass on The Donald Trump tats.

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