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November 17, 2016     Digital News   Social Media


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Last Week in Digital is a (mostly) bi-weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Julia Des Islets, Account Supervisor of the MAVERICK Digital Team.

Chatbot use is picking up steam and Twitter is jumping on board by helping brands step up their customer service game, with the launch of direct message bots. The launch includes two new products: Welcome Messages and Quick Replies which will help respond to basic inquiries quickly, ultimately speeding up customer service response time and ensuring all customer messages are managed. Some brands are already catching on and have set up the chatbot tool on their pages, including Airbnb and Spotify.


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Snap hello to Snaplytics, the first analytics service to monitor Snapchat activity exclusively. The service can analyze open rates, views, average number of screen shots taken, number of followers, completion rate, open rate and information on how followers learned about a Snapchat account…pretty impressive considering the entire purpose of Snapchat is to share disappearing videos and photos. While there are other agencies out there with the ability to offer Snapchat analytics, Snaplytics is the only service that monitors the network as a whole.


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Some brands are absolutely killing it on Instagram, while others…not so much. Hootsuite has come out with some Instagram Statistics that can help brands amp up their Instagram presence, so pay attention:

  1. How many times should you post per week, without being too quiet or overbearing? 5 times. Figure out that sweet spot timeframe when your posts get the most engagements and you’ll be on your way to Insta-success.
  2. Are your photos inconsistent? 60% of top brands use the same filters, which are helpful in establishing a visual brand voice.
  3. If you’re a B2C brand, you should be on Instagram. Find a way to make your product visually appealing and get posting! It’s a great way to drive awareness and sales. In fact, 75% of Instagram users look for more information about a brand or product after seeing an ad post.
  4. Get on that #trend! Posts using at least one hashtag receive roughly 12% more engagement than those that don’t.


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There comes a point in every job interview when the inevitable is asked, “What are your salary expectations?” It can be the most difficult question to answer, particularly in today’s job market where new roles are emerging daily and job descriptions are becoming obscure. Thankfully, LinkedIn is helping professionals understand their value with LinkedIn Salary which offers detailed information about the compensation landscape including salary, bonus and equity. Not only will this tool help professionals understand their worth, it will also create expectations about salary based on industry, location and company size. So, what’s your worth?


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Don’t you hate when you’re scrolling through Instagram, find the PERFECT pair of shoes, and have no idea where to find them? All that could change with Instagram Shopping, providing more information about the products that are in a post. Now I can simply select the ‘tap to view’ icon and the post changes to showcase the product and price. If I decide I want to buy the shoes, I can click ’Shop Now’, which links directly to the brand website for purchase. A handful of US brands are participating in the trial run, let’s hope the trend catches on. #ShoppingSpree!


Gone are the days when you had to use the Boomerang app to take a video, then open Instagram to upload and share with the world. Instagram has made posting our awesome Boomerang video content way more accessible by integrating the Boomerang function directly into the Instagram Stories tool. To add to this (social) life changing update, Instagram has also enabled tagging to their Stories capability. Go Instagram.

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