This Week in Digital – 10/28/16

October 28, 2016     Digital News   Social Media


This Week in Digital is a (mostly) bi-weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Lauren Segal, Community Manager of the MAVERICK Digital Team.

Twitter is officially killing off Vine, #RIP. Vine’s 6-second videos transformed regular people into celebrities, were fun to laugh at and enjoy, but will come to an end in the coming months. It was an amazing platform for comedy and gags that would get better the more times you viewed it. After Instagram launched the video feature in 2013, Vine couldn’t keep up with Instagram’s large popularity. Although Twitter says it will keep Vine videos online, it will still not be the same.  Goodbye Vine, we’ll miss you!

Some favourite Vines:


Recently, Pinterest introduced “Pin Collective,”— an innovative service that ties brands with top Pinterest influencers. Companies can now hire influencers to create and promote ads on Pinterest. The initial goal is to make sure brands have what they need to produce content that is created for Pinterest’s unique visual format. Brands will be able to create more viral pins, which will lead to more engagement and potentially a revenue increase for Pinterest. The great part of Pin Collective is that it’s available for all marketers, regardless of size. Pinterest is inspiring less savvy companies to take part in this new tool without any ad budget requirements.


LinkedIn is making big changes to the layout of personal and company profiles. They’ll be more clean and simple, with each element given a defined space. There’s also an innovative presentation format for notifications, making them more prominent. LinkedIn is not stopping at esthetics, they are also looking to implement improved keyword search functionality tools, which includes the use of hashtags. There is no set date for when these changes will be implemented, so keep your eye out.


Could virtual reality and augmented reality be the next big trend for marketing in 2017? With Jaguar using VR to promote their car at Wimbledon, and Coca Cola creating cardboard packaging that can be made into VR goggles, it seems to be more of a movement than a trend. It is exciting to see different brands enhancing the experience with customers and I can’t wait to see more companies produce VR creations. Although this might make me dizzy, I wouldn’t be opposed to it if it means I can test drive a car in the comfort of my own home.


Lots of people snap pictures of their food to post on social, but with the new Snap It to Lose It app, people are now taking pictures for a different reason. Snap It is a weight-loss app that eliminates the hassle of counting your calories. It’s simple to use: open the app, select which meal you’re about to eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner), then take a picture of your food and Snap It will run a calorie analysis. I can tell you one thing… I will not be snapping my next lunch at Burger Priest…oh snap!


Insert monkey emoji covering its eyes… Japan has made a smartphone holder that looks like a giant swan coming out of your genitals. Yikes! This hands-free solution allows you to watch shows while walking. However, I’m not sure I would like to get stuck in an elevator with someone wearing one. ‘Unfortunately,’ the swan device is not actually for sale—it’s just a publicity video for anime network, Animax, which is now available for streaming on your phone.


As if being stuck in traffic isn’t bad enough, Uber is now putting ads on drones to taunt drivers who aren’t using their UberPOOL service and are trapped in rush hour traffic. Some of the drones are carrying signs that say, “Driving by yourself?” Uber has only started using drone ads in Mexico, but who knows if this idea is coming north!

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