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September 27, 2016     Digital News   Social Media


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This Week in Digital is a sometimes bi-weekly review of what caught our attention. This week’s review is brought to you by Lauren Segal, Community Manager of the MAVERICK Digital Team.

Talking about cool tools on the market, Pablo by Buffer is one of them. This FREE tool gives users an easy way to produce square images for Instagram, horizontal for Facebook and Twitter, and Vertical for Snapchat and Pinterest. Since launching a couple of years ago, Pablo has already generated more than 500,000 social media optimized photos. Recently, Pablo added more typography features to let people modify the look of the text covered on images.


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Also, let’s thank Twitter for removing videos, GIFs, pictures, quoted tweets and polls from their word count. Prior to this change, each of these items took up 16%, or 23 characters, in any given tweet. It’s about time Twitter loosened up their character limit. So why is this great news? The update in character count increases engagement opportunities with users. Now, I need an excuse to write a long tweet! Any suggestions?

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Everyone is responding to #Brangelina’s divorce with Jennifer Anniston memes and it’s pretty awesome.

If you’ve heard about the #OneChipChallenge and love to test your fate with spicy foods, then you’re probably excited (or scared) to eat the HOTTEST chip in the world. This chip is so hot you only get one in the pack.


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As scary as it sounds, 2016 is coming to an end, which means we’re in store for up and coming innovative marketing and social media trends next year. Facebook “live” is going to be huge and bigger than Twitter’s Periscope (sorry Twitter). Buzzfeed successfully jumped on this trend earlier in the year and recorded a live stream attracting millions of views. The subject? Let’s just say, a lot of users care about how many rubber bands it takes to burst a watermelon.


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You know the tables have turned when an 18 years old girl sues her parents for posting too many photos of her childhood on social media. Nobody likes an over-sharer, but this teen is angry with her parents for exposing images of a “sensitive nature” without her consent. Should Canada issue a public warning regarding the legal consequences of parents posting photos of their children? I think I’ll just stick to sharing adorable photos of my dog…he won’t sue me.


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If you’ve been to a Blue Jays game, chances are you’ve taken a selfie in your seat and posted it on social. Toronto Startup Company, Brizi, invented a groundbreaking solution to the sports cam. “According to Ticketmaster research cited by Brizi, nearly three-quarters (74%) of attendees at live sporting events take at least one picture, about 92% of which are ultimately shared on social media.” So it only makes sense for a tech company to marry the two together in a picture-perfect moment. Brizi’s co-founder, Anna Hu sees a disconnect from fan-generated content with sports franchises and their sponsors. That’s why they created a new product called the “BriziCam” – a mechanical stadium cam that allows fans to control it via their smartphone. Sounds easy Brezi to me! People at sporting events can enter their seat and section number through a URL to control one of the many cameras positioned throughout the stadium, so that it focuses on their section. Say cheese!

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