Month: June 2013

How agency life cured my procrastination habit

To say I was a procrastinator in university is an understatement. While most students completed…

MaverickAdminJune 28, 2013

Event planner or miracle worker? Kind of the same thing, right?

It’s no secret that event planning is a stressful job and some of the most…

MaverickAdminJune 25, 2013

Power Ball: 15 Minutes

If you’ve read my bio you already know I’m a ninja – MAVERICK‘s not-for-profit ninja….

MaverickAdminJune 11, 2013

How I learned to apply Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to the communications industry

They say that “no two fingerprints are alike”. As humans, we’re also uniquely different from…

MaverickAdminJune 7, 2013